Sickle Bar Mower


sickle bar mower
Every sickle bar mower that you can find in the market is considered as among the best mowers that can organize all the clutters on your yard. The PGF company has established a solid reputation over the years.

One of the most in demand mowers from PGF is the double-action sickle bar mower.

Along with the other PGF sickle bar mower models, many people have benefited from the cutting edge features of various kinds of lawn mowers from the PGF company.

It is important that if you want to purchase sickle bar mower in the future, you must first understand an in depth review regarding the matter. This article will provide you with the essential information that you have to bear in mind.

PGF Sickle Bar Mower Review

Sickle bar mower is widely available in the market. Therefore, you can find so many stores offering you with the mower models from the company. Usually, you will encounter mower models from PGF Sickle Bar offered with price ranging from $4,299.99 up to $5,299.99.

Usually, you are entitled to receive more or less 1-year warranty period. Sickle bar mower models are perfect for people who are tired of the ordinary features their typical mowers provide to them.





  • Most of the Sickle Bar Mower models you can find out there are capable of mowing from 90 degrees up as well as 45 degrees down. One good
    example of this is PGF Sickle Bar Mower.
  • In addition to that, the mower models are hitch compatible. This means that you can easily mount these models in your car when you want to transport it in one place to another.
  • Most of the mower models available are made with automatic lock lever. This provides security to the cutting bar especially when the machine will be transported.
  • Most of the deals online come with extra blade for cutting.

Pros & Cons

PGF Sickle Bar Mower

In order to determine if sickle bar mower models are the best option for you, it is important for you to know

the pros of the mower models available.

Most of the mower models from PGF sickle bar are equipped with outstanding cutting technology. These mowers are designed to effectively cut too much grass in your yard to ensure that it will look neat and clean at all times.

One more thing about the mowers from PGF is that these are made out of the sharpest blades available.

Along with the state-of-the-art cutting technology of the mowers, this will create fantastic job in your yard. The hitch compatibility of the PGF Sickle Bar Mower models like the Double-Action Sickle Bar Mower makes it easy for owners to transport it from one place to another.

When it comes to durability, most mowers with sickle blade are good for long lasting use. One can use it in different complex yard tasks and assignments.

After understanding the pros from PGF sickle bar mower models, it is also important for you to know some disadvantages of the mowers. This is to ensure that you can decide if this is still the best option of mover for your needs.

One of the concerns of some users of PGF sickle bar mowers is that the mower they have is heavy. Usually, 570 pounds is the standard weight of some mower models from Sickle Bar.

Yet, you can ask help from other members of the family or from your neighbor if you want to use the mower from one place to another. Another concern is the price. Usually, you will find PGF Sickle Bar Mower models slightly expensive as compared to ordinary mowers.

Yet, these are special mowers loaded with high class features. Your investment in purchasing the mowers from PGF is all worth it.

Reviews and Scores

sickle bar mower

By simply browsing the reviews posted in Amazon regarding different kinds of lawn mowers, you will find many positive comments and high ratings about PGF sickle bar mower products. Usually, the reviews rated the product with stunning 5 stars. There are also some reviewers which rated the product with 4 and 3 stars.

You will find it hard to spot some reviews regarding PGF sickle bar mower models with negative comments. Usually, some of the reviews which rated the product with 2 or 1 star have only minor complain like its expensive price and its weight.


These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are still hesitant to purchase PGF sickle bar mower in the future. Truly, the mower models from this manufacturer are loaded with the essential features a single customer like you is looking for.

Though there are minor problems you will experience regarding each sickle bar mower, expect that these are just minor problems. It will not affect the functionality of the mower you can get from the manufacturer. Make sure that when you are interested to buy mower from PGF, you will only get those offered from reliable stores online.

sickle bar mower